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saturday the 4th of may, 2024

macOS: delv says “no crypto support”

delv is a tool for DNS lookup and validation. I've been trying to check the DNSSEC status for some domains, on macOS however, there's just an error message.

$ delv
;; none:29: no crypt support
delv: No trusted keys were loaded

The source shows that this message is displayed when DST_R_NOCRYPTO is set, which, in turn, means “built with no crypto support”.

Homebrew to the rescue: Since delv is part of the bind suite, the solution is to simply run

brew install bind

Now, which delv should point to /opt/homebrew/bin/delv, indicating that the homebrew version can now be used, which should solve the problem:

$ delv
; fully validated		1224	IN	A		1224	IN	RRSIG	A 13 2 3600 20240525082652
20240504062038 771  LJ89W1W3vqKgZwaenfVsSosqslLg8srUGCMAss206Pf1TKyCrI5kEiV7 Ya8Ssl1nCfRqlSS2OJ3fjzmiTg9pNw==